Søren Kierkegaard is often quoted for his idea about meeting the client where they are, perhaps not such a modern formulation but universally true with respect to the meeting between the professional and the help-seeking individual.

I seek to meet you where you are at and take my point of departure in your current situation and your resources based on a, through knowledge of your past and a glimpse of the future you wish for yourself that we can together work towards. All with respect for your uniqueness and individuality and the reality in which you find yourself.


Confidentiality is at the top of the ethical code. In order that you can feel safe enough to confide in me it is all important that what you share with me stays within the four walls of the therapy room. In cases where I may be asked to make a recommendation , for example to a doctor or a representative of the welfare agency, I would only do so with  your written consent and you always have the right of access to all written reports. I am obliged to keep a record which means I write down what we talk about from session to session. These journal notes are read by me and no-one else. For further information to go