Low selfesteem

The basic emotion concerning our sense of self worth is grounded in relationship with our parents and our self as children.
The first to years of our lives are especially important in this process and the mother, or the primary caretaker, is essential. Later other persons, your father, your siblings, teachers etc. helps to build the platform for the self confidence you are depending on the rest of your life to become a whole person.


Self esteem you can develop even if your self worth is not entirely truthful or intact, the self esteem develops when you suceed with the goal you hold in front of you, both in your childhood and later in life.
So to speak; you can have a bad self image but a good self-esteem and visa versa. Self-image improvement acquire a long therapeutic process, where you in the relation with your therapist experience a new and better mirroring and slowly you can integrate a new way to look at yourself. Other people will get inspired by your new gained self-image and experience you as a secure and whole human being.