Working through trauma

How does a trauma develop? What can we do about it?


A traumatic event can occur at any time in our lives. If you have experienced a trauma when you were very young it is not certain you can remember it. Trauma occurring in adulthood often features as nightmares, anxiety, anger, difficulty concentrating, memory loss and depression. Sometimes you can experience the event replaying like a film in your head. Odours, images and sounds can take you back to the moment of the trauma as if it were happening all over again.


It is necessary to acquire distance between the events of the past and the events of your life here and now. We can achieve this together by working on the incident in different ways. Through exposure to the trauma we can see that it becomes appropriately located in the past. By discussing the feelings associated with the trauma we can neutralise the content of the trauma so it no longer troubles you. One can never forget a trauma absolutely but one can integrate it into ones life like other events so it no longer has the same strength.