Curriculum Vitae

Belinda LabrosseI am 50 years old and born and brought up in Denmark. My education as cand. psych I took at the University of Lund. Apart from Danish I can manage English and Swedish. I can offer therapy in these languages as well. I finished my degree in 1993. After that I worked in Norway for 4 years, first with psychiatry, where I learned to acknowledge the different parts of the human psychic. Among many things I have worked with clients who suffer from personality disturbances, borderline patients, psychoses and severe depressions with destructive behaviour patterns. I have also worked with Eating disorders and victims of sexual abuse.


My intensive knowledge to the trauma field I have achieved trough my 12 years long work with torture survivors. The last 10 years I have been working at RCT, Rehabilitation center and research for torture survivors, sideways with my private praxis for Danish clients. To have such a good insight in the suffering of the torture survivors and the mechanism behind regimes that use such methods, have made me capable to feel empathy and understand the innermost parts of our personality.


My mission is; to help you to get more insight and enhance your life quality. We can do this in more than one way; together we will find the goal, the measures and the possibilities to support your personal growth. My greatest doings in my life is beyond no doubt that I am true to my self, I live like I teach, and my two children Jasmin and Romeo.


Curriculum Vitea



member of the danish psychologist union



Personal data: Belinda Labrosse. Skydebanegade 25 1. tv 1709  kbh v., B. In 1965.

Practical experience


1999-forts. : Part  time praxis


1998-forts. : Working at Rehabilitation and research Center; RCT


1996-1998. : Coordinator at Refugee team at Vestlandet, Norge


1996-1998. : Part time as clinical psychologist at Poloklinikken Sandnes, Norway


1994-1994. : Clinical psychologist at the open psychiatric  Department at Rogaland Psykiatriske sykehus


1993-1994. :  Parent leave


Theoretical experience


2005 specialist in psychotherapy


2000-2003 after education at institute for psychoanalytical psychotherapy, IPP


1998: Authoritization

1998: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, EMDR- level two by Roger Salomon


1998- 2000. : Counselling trainer course, all together 300 hours incl. 2 weeks field work in Cambodia by professor and psychologist Guus van der Veer


1997: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, EMDR- level one by Roger Salomon

1993: Degree of Master of Science (MSc) in Psychology at Lunds University in Sweden